The Anatomy of the Dead Fern in my Bathroom

It's Halloween weekend and of course Friday night I lost my voice. Because I sound a bit like a chain smoking Muppet and because I might be contagious, this weekend has been kept pretty low key. Mer and I found ourselves a new coffee shop called Lotus in downtown Arcata to do our homework in Saturday afternoon and went to a quiet Halloween party that night. But for the most part we have kept to the apartment.

I went out a bit today to get some Halloween photos for my photojournalism class but our plans for today were mainly to stay in and work on homework. We made a deal that we would study for 30 minutes and watch a short episode of Scooby-Doo then repeat for most of our evening, but we found early on that Netflix only has hour long Scooby movies so we decided to forgo the movie watching and just get down to studying. Sounds pretty hard-core nerd right?

I don't know what distracted us but the next thing I knew, I was vacuuming the counter top in our bathroom as Mer was grooming the quickly dying fern that dwells ( I could hardly say it lives) on the back of our toilet. I'm not sure entirely how this came to pass but I will attempt to recount it for you.

For some reason totally unrelated to the human anatomy and obituary writing each of us were respectively studying -- yes I was assigned to read about obituary writing on Halloween weekend -- I began recounting my childhood, my younger brother and his various oddities, my Barbie Lamborghini and the elaborate gardens my mother used to plant when I was really young. Mer loves to garden so the conversation, that I shouldn't have been having because my voice sounds like broken construction equipment, turned toward plants and gardening. I talked about the orchid I killed in my dorm last year and she reminded me of her dying fern in the bathroom. Before I could say "Plant murder" we were in the bathroom trying to devise ways to save the plant, littering the floor, and counter, with needles as we went.

The plant rescue has been put off for a few days, because we remembered that we were supposed to be doing homework this evening. But I'm sure we will be in the grips of distraction again soon.