Eric Corff Phenomenon

I don't know if any of you know about this Eric Corff bumper sticker phenomenon but apparently it's everywhere. Bumper stickers reading "Eric Corff...What a Douchebag" have been found plastered on street signs and bumpers from Boston to Good Ol' Humboldt County. Word has it they have even been spotted globally in Thailand and New Zealand. It seems to have quite the cult following.

Of course the first question anyone needs answered is: Who is this Eric fellow? And what did he do to gain such a bold title? And why does it deserve to be so widely advertised? Curiosity got me on this one initially but after a bit of research I found that Corff's title came from his time spent living in Telluride, CO. I have a particular interest, because my home town is only a few hours from there. 

After some research this is the story that emerged. Corff was originally from Oklahoma and lived in New York before moving to Telluride, Colorado. The story goes that while living there he began sleeping with another guy's girlfriend. The man confronted Corff and there was a fight that resulted in the man being arrested and spending a few nights in jail as well as Corff filing a restraining order. You should know that Telluride, while it is a very popular ski town, is infinitesimally small. 

The man was asked by a blogging co-worker if he was the one who made the stickers, since he clearly has reason to dislike Corff. But the answer was no, although he did say he thought it was pretty funny.No one as of yet, has come forward claiming to have made them. The mystery of the sticker maker has yet to be solved. 

After hearing the full story, as best as it can be explained by several different blogs, it sounds like a bit of an overreaction to me.  As funny as it might be there are men who sleep with women who are certainly not single all over the world. Not to say I condone it, I'm simply reminding everyone that Eric Corff would not be the first. However he might be the first to have a bumper sticker made and mass produced as a result. Unless there is another story behind it, I wouldn't step up as the sticker producer either. I must admit, from a marketing perspective, the scale is impressive, but possibly unnecessary given the story.