Thinking About My Label

I don't go to church. There I said it. It's out there. I'm not religious, I don't like the commitment involved with going to church, and frankly it's a waste of my time. However, I've been known to make exceptions for people who are important to me. Tonight was one of those evenings I guess, because Mer was singing Christmas music, including a song written by hers truly. It was a lot of fun to hear Mer sing and the sermon actually provoked some interesting thought.

What I appreciated most was that the pastors do not just read the bible and report what they read and what they think and therefore what everyone else should think. It's more like a literature class. They analyze it. They pick it apart and present what meaning they find. They also have a fantastic PR/Graphic design person. I would love to shake that man's hand (I'm almost certain it's a man).

The whole experience got me thinking about my own beliefs. This is not to say that I plan to have an epiphany or even a rush of religious fervor. It just allowed me to further think through, in my own quiet way, what I think about it all. Saying that I'm atheist or even agnostic is just a way of simplifying things. It makes answering questions quicker. The truth is I haven't found an appropriate label for my beliefs yet, but that is for another post.