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When I first started working with children I thought it was really strange that, no matter where I worked or with what age, they always asked me Miss Kristin are you married? Do you have kids? When I said no the next question was Do you have a boyfriend? The answer to that was generally no as well. When I began it seemed like a really bizarre conversation to have with a child, but as I got older and worked with children more and more I got fairly used to it. It wasn't until a few days ago that one of the kids said something that really caught me off guard. It always fascinates me to see how children view life, but more specifically, subjects that they won't understand fully until they are much older. I think it's because I always wonder what I thought as a child and can't seem to remember.

The context was fairly ordinary. I had just explained to a little girl that, no I wasn't married, I had no children, and no boyfriend either. Her response was what cracked me up. She said, Good! You should never be married, but you never want to be single either. Just have a boyfriend for your whole life! I didn't know how to respond to that, but luckily I didn't have to, she piped up again to say It looks like you need to go get a boyfriend. This time I had a response. My question to her was How do I get a boyfriend? The girl just shrugged her shoulders at that, much like any grown woman would do, and asked Have you brought him cookies?

Haha. Oh yes. I have.

Lucky for me a little boy was sitting next to us who knew the answer. These were his instruction on how I should go about getting a boyfriend:
1 Bring him flowers, chocolates, and cookies.
2 Go home.
3 Cross your fingers.
4 Hope he will be your boyfriend.

This is my new tactic. Cross your fingers for me...

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