Finishing Books

I finished a book tonight, for the first time in months. I concede Julie and Julia was not the best book I've ever read, but it kept me entertained. I learned a bit more about French cooking and I proved to myself that I am capable of finishing a book while still keeping up in my classes. It was an accomplishment for that reason alone since although I do enjoy reading; I am often impatient with books and lose interest within the first few chapters. 

The best part of finishing a book, for me, is choosing the next one; unless I've just read an earth-shatteringly great novel then it becomes rather difficult. But since there are only a handful of books I've read that I felt that strongly about, it's usually an extremely pleasant process. I allow myself time to stand in bookstore and just peruse until my vision gives out. 

Thanksgiving is coming up and I am not traveling, in fact, I'm attempting my first Thanksgiving on my own, so I will have plenty of time on my hands. Time I plan to spend reading, watching old movies, and baking my little heart out. Mer has also started me on knitting. I'm attempting to make a cowl, which is like a little mini neck scarf. I'm sure that will occupy some of my time. 

For now I get to wile away the hours, that I should spend doing homework, wandering through the fantastically chaotic shelves at the Tin Can Mail Man, our local used book store. I look forward with anticipation!  

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