The Great Baking Frenzie Begins

Fact: Christmas time means baking.

I made my first batch of Christmas cookies on Thursday. They were pretty simple; chocolate tree cookies, green royal icing, and a few sugar pearls for decoration. They are beautiful and quite delicious, and please excuse me while a brag. This being the first time I've ever used royal icing, I am really excited that it turned out so well.

This is just the beginning of a long string of baking projects, that if I'm honest with myself, starts in early November and goes through early January. For a few months my brain becomes over occupied by glittery  Martha Stewart-esque projects that can sometimes become embarrassingly elaborate. 

I plan to temporarily pause, so as not to fail all of my finals, but when those are finished I will be free to let the frivolity take over. This year is going to be all about ginger bread cookies. I can't wait to go home, play in the snow and get myself knee deep in gumdrop buttons.

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meredith hunt said...

gumdrop buttons...not the gumdrop buttons!!